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no exceptions

  • no makeup especially mascara and eyeliner

  • no moisturizer around eyes and upper cheeks

  • must thoroughly remove all old mascara, old lash glue, old dense eyeshadow (glitter), old eyeliner etc.

Mascara should never be worn over extensions. If there's old mascara or eyeliner residue on lashes/extensions during session, your appointment will need to be rescheduled. Lash cleaning and makeup removal is never offered during session and should be done prior to appointment.  


  • No extra guest due to Covid19

  • Please silent phones 

  • No food or drinks in lash room

  • Try to relax during session

  • no coffee at least 4 hours prior to appointment

Policies: Products



New Clients and all Full Sets

A $50 deposit is required and will go towards the total of your service. Deposit is nonrefundable.


client currently has lashes from another artist

Lashes must be in good condition. If lashes are in bad condition, a refill will not be possible. A Removal + Full Set will be recommended instead. To avoid having to reschedule an apt, a complimentary 5 minute in-person consultation is recommended prior to initial apt.

Please keep in mind that your lashes will not look exactly like how your previous artist did them. Instead, they will be a mix of two artists' work. The goal is to achieve a more cohesive look over a period of a couple refills.

After the initial foreign refill, normal refill pricing will take effect. But if your next refill is with yet another artist, then foreign refill prices will apply once again.

Must have at least 40% of lashes remaining.


New +  Existing Clients

  • Changes and/or cancellations must be made 72 hours prior to your appointment time. 

New Clients + all Full Sets

  • Deposit is forfeited if changes are made within 72 hours of appointment time. If changes are made within the 72 hour window, you will not receive a refund of the deposit nor will the deposit be used towards any future appointment. A new deposit will be required to rebook. 

Existing Client Refill

  • You will be charged $75 if changes are made within 72 hours before your appointment time. 


If 10 minutes have passed since your scheduled appointment time and we have not been notified by you of changes, a $75 fee will be incurred and a $50 non-refundable deposit (which will go towards your service) will also be required to rebook. 

We apologize, but we cannot rebook clients with 2 No-Show No-Call incidents or clients who have 4 or more changes/cancellations. 


$75 fee for Same-Day Cancellations and a $50 non-refundable deposit (which will go towards your service) will also be required to rebook.

Policies: Products
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